Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm Back :)

Courtesy of my lovely sister Laura, my blog has had a well needed update & i'm back to the world of blogging. I daily read the likes of Kate Henley, Kiah, Laura & other Laura's blogs, yet i never post myself. I am going to make a conscious effort to post more & get myself back into the blogging scene. I used to love it but due to other commitments & sheer laziness have slipped out of the habit.

So for my first 'proper' post, i will share some photos from today :)
Again courtesy of Laura, we spent the afternoon sitting out in the sunny garden. (The word 'sunny' being used loosely as when the sun disappeared behind those clouds we were blooming freezing!) & Laura painted our finger & toenails. We used Nail's Inc 'Fabulous' OMP! & Atomic on our toes and i had OPI Party in my Cabana on my finger nails.

(Please excuse the seriously CHUBSTER fingers!)
(I apologize to anyone to dislikes or has a phobia of feet for this picture. I myself have a phobia of them too but i do like my toenail varnish and flip flops!)

I WILL be back soon with another post. Please pester me if i haven't blogged in a while, i had a habit of forgetting or not allowing myself enough time!
My blog isn't nearly up to the standards i would like, but over the next few weeks i will be tweaking it until i'm satisfied.
It's lovely to be back :)


  1. Welcome back sister :) Lovely toes there...oh, don't worry about those excess bits, it'll come off in the shower ;) xxx

  2. Thank you sister :) BARE LOLA! It better otherwise I'm going to look silly tomorrow....! xxx

  3. Love the background. Google+ just told me you'd updated - about time too hehe. xxx